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RUST CURE® is a phosphoric acid rust control product that is more than just a remover...

RUST CURE® is a proven product with more than thirty years of successful, longlasting results. It is a little more difficult and expensive to manufacture but we are certain that the performance responds to today's customer demand that everything last longer.

Only a small percentage of customers know such products exist. In an effort to educate customers we would like to list many of the values of RUST CURE®. More than just a rust remover, it comes in a full range of sizes, has a thirty-year track record of satisfied customers and performs as advertised.

1. RUST CURE® is blended in a two-part mix to self neutralize, and deposits a thin but tough protective film of approx. .0006".

2. RUST CURE® is formulated from a phosphoric acid base; a mild acid which is easy to apply. It is not a concentrate and is ready to use without dilution; however, as much as 25% pure water may be added to reduce drying time in very humid weather conditions.

3. RUST CURE® is green and is sometimes mistaken for competitive products. It's not hard to make a lookalike, but no one has equaled RUST CURE® in overall performance. We have tested some that are 1/3 the strength and others that do no more than remove rust or gels that have to be washed off before painting.

4. RUST CURE® should not be washed off most objects before painting, to insure an adequate film is formed. It should, however, be washed from fine metals such as brass, bronze, copper or porcelain surfaces, which will etch with prolonged exposure.

5. RUST CURE® should also be washed thoroughly from concrete, ceramics, other masonry and pigmented painted surfaces. It will do an excellent job of removing rust stains from such surfaces but will continue to react on calcium and pigments until it is rinsed or allowed to dry thoroughly.

6. RUST CURE® penetrates into hard to get to places, covers approximately 1000 square feet per gallon and ma be applied with spray, sponge, cloth, painter's mitt or brush.

7. RUST CURE® eliminates the need for expensive sandblasting, scraping, wire brushing or sanding for many applications.      

8. RUST CURE® removes light stains immediately and heavier rust in approximately 30 minutes. (Heavy scale or old chipped paint should be removed first by sandblasting, scraping, wire brushing or sanding). It is best to wait a few hours to allow the surface to oxidize before applying Rust Cure.

9. RUST CURE® may be used on many surfaces ranging from metal to fiberglass and for auto, marine, wrought iron farm equipment, air conditioning and recreational equipment applications.

10. RUST CURE® will extend the life expectancy of painted objects 3 to 5 times longer providing care is taken to insure a good and complete cure before painting. (Cured surface must be thoroughly dry before painting to prevent blistering).

"We have an exceptional product that surpasses all other Rust Remover/Converters".
Just compare RUST CURE®'s performance!
       TRI-WIN, Div. Win-Chekd Inc.